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Know The Importance Of Clean Water


Water is an indispensable gift from Mother Nature, and it plays a key role for the existence of all living things including us. People need it in our daily use such as washing clothes, cars, cooking, drinking, etc. About seventy percent of the earth’s surface, as well as our human body, are covered by it. According to http://www.novatron.net.au/ out of this available water in our planet, over ninety-five percent is saline which means it is in the oceans. As stated by www.huffingtonpost.com the balance comes from the ground and the rain. Worth mentioning aspect is that only a negligible portion is available for use, which is also polluted. Always remember to drink potable water which means it should be free from color and odor. And some purifiers can remove impurities.

Benefits of consuming clean water
It is certainly right that water has been the basis of life. The Apart from making different civilizations to thrive in its existence, it has been the key factor in saving lives. In medicine, to encourage hydration and to wash the bowel water treatment is extremely encouraged. To reduce pain in the body in a mixture of heat, it is taken in the way of hydrotherapy.

The human body contains two third of its quantity; Ninety percent in the brain, eighty percent in blood and ninety in the lungs. A two percent decrease in the amount can cause various problems such as a problem in body temperature, fuzziness, dehydration; etc. Consuming clean water is good for health as the contaminated water can cause several health disorders. Every person born on this planet has the right to drink clean water for which every administration in every country works for it as per the direction of World Health Organization (WHO).

Undoubtedly, consuming clean water has many advantages and few are listed below:
• By consuming clean water, human brain works with better efficiency.
• Clean water increases muscle strength and a fully hydrated muscle works effectively.
• Our immune system works better with clean water
• By consuming a healthy amount of clean water a consumer gets full energy and can be active.

The list goes on, and it is needless to comment here, why clean water is important to all of us. The beauty of water lies in its unique feature for not having any nutrients but is essential for life. No cold or soft drinks can quench thirst without water. Many times we drink the necessary amount of water and still face health problems. The real cause lies in its impurities. Remember that quality of intake is as important as quantity to stay healthy.

Need of purifiers
Water purifiers can help to remove unnecessary germs. All the impurities such as clay, pesticides, fluorides, etc. are discarded. These filters are capable of removing germs from any source like bore well, tap, etc. The different purification stages are used such as sedimentation, coagulation, filtration, flocculation and much more. Buying the right purifier or water filter is the responsibility of every parent as it has a significant effect on the health of all the family members.

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